Hoping to sponsor a refugee?

If you are a private sponsorship group and have completed the tasks below, SSP Edmonton will match you with a pro bono (free) lawyer:

  • Become familiar with basic information about Canada’s sponsorship programs. Be sure to review our sponsorship page for important information.
  • Assemble your sponsor group
  • Determine what type of sponsorship you will pursue (Group of Five, Community Sponsorship, Constituent Group of a SAH).
  • Identify the refugee that you will bring to Canada
  • Decide you are ready to begin the application process


Email sspedmonton@gmail.com with the following information: Your name, city of residence, how many people are in your group, a brief outline of where you are at in the sponsorship process, what type of sponsorship your group is pursuing and any other information you think we should know.

Once SSP Edmonton receives the information above we will work to have you connected with a lawyer as soon as possible.  You will then work with the lawyer directly to work out a plan to meet together and complete the sponsorship application process.

Hoping to be an SSP Pro Bono Lawyer?

An Edmonton training session was held on 13 January 2016, but online training is still available for those who missed it! Edmonton lawyers interested in becoming involved with the Edmonton SSP should contact sspedmonton@gmail.com for more details on how to participate.

Learn more about being an SSP Pro Bono Lawyer here.

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