Hoping to sponsor a refugee?

Calgarians interested in sponsoring refugees through the SSP should contact rssp@clg.ab.ca or phone (587)349-7996. Calgary uses a “Clinic Pod” model, where sponsoring groups will be matched with a lawyer and booked into clinics where they can meet regularly with their lawyer for assistance in navigating the application process. The application will be reviewed by a resource panel before submission to CIC. Before contacting us, be sure to review our sponsorship page for important information.

Hoping to be an SSP Pro Bono Lawyer?

A Calgary Training Session was held on November 3, 2015, but online training is still available for those who missed it! Calgary lawyers interested in being involved with the SSP Calgary Program should contact rssp@clg.ab.ca or alternatively can contact Margaret Keelaghan at keelaghan@clg.ab.ca.

Learn more about being an SSP Pro Bono Lawyer here.

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